The Legendary First Post

Ah the first blog post of my life. This was going to have to happen eventually, it was just a matter of time. Really, the reason I’m writing on this is because I feel like it. I like to write and I always have. Mostly, I enjoy it because it lets me sort through my thoughts instead of letting them float around unrealized. I often discover things about what I think just by writing them down, so in a way it’s a self-reflective process for me. It’s even therapeutic.

Orientation. Actually, no, let’s not. Maybe if I keep posting on my blog regularly, someone will be able to piece together what’s going on in my life all by themselves. I’ll give you some hints, I’m 24 and live in Portland. That’s all you get for now. What am I doing there? That’s for me to write about and me to find out.


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