What’s the po…

What’s the point of saving money at my age and situation in life? Here’s my theory. Say I save a fair bit of my grad student stipend every month, and live without too much frivolity and excess. Over the five or six years I’m going to be in this program, my savings will probably amount to several thousand dollars or whatever it happens to be. Afterwards, assuming I get my degree and don’t drop out or anything like that, those savings are probably going to be only a fraction of my annual salary at whatever job I take. I’ll probably save that amount of money again in a single year without a problem. Now, I’m not going to go on shopping sprees every other day, but the fact remains that I’ve always had a nagging sense of thriftiness that might be overdeveloped. I have to make sure I’m enjoying my twenties, and not erring on the side of conservatism. So I think that buying those extra plane tickets, and getting that drum set, or whatever it is aren’t wastes of money at all, as long as I’m enjoying what I have. 



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